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Zeroth Dimension Studio was conceptualized and executed on two different ideas since inception. These were Inspiration from the Golden ratio / Fibonacci series and Sustainable Sytems and Practices.

Where the golden ratio and Fibonacci series help in proportionally dividing the spaces and guiding through the measurements of the furniture, Sustainable systems and practices narrowed the material search and site executional works. 

Sustainability is not a Thing but an attitude. 

~ Ar. Mitesh Jatolia


Interior Design in which all systems and Materials are designed with an emphasis on integration into whole for the purpose of minimizing negative impact on environment & occupants and maximizing positive impacts on environmental,  economic & social systems over the life cycle of a building.

What is Interior Designing ? 

Sustainability in Interior Design?

Interiors is an Experience in Being

Determining the relationship of people to spaces based on psychological and psychical parameters, to improve quality of life.